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Definition:  An event where teachers, educational, nonprofit and charitable staff are invited to bring an empty box and fill it with free office supplies.

History of the BYOB

Sustainable Surplus’ first event donning free office supplies to educators and nonprofit leaders was called “Office Supplies Donation Exchange.”  It was held at the donor’s facility, Isis Pharmaceuticals, on September 29, 2011.  Eleven attendees registered.

The event quickly evolved. Fast forward to today’s Bring-Your-Own-Box (BYOB) event.  Registration hovers around 80 guests.  Beneficiaries are still from educational and charitable organizations.  They receive, on average, $200 worth of free office supplies.  And 80% of our guests pay only $5 for an extra box of supplies. 

Because the events are held in the SSE warehouse, attendees are reminded of all the other items available to them at a substantial savings – up to 90% of the value of the item.  So they go ‘saving’ and leave with chairs, desks, bookcases and other items for their office.

The BYOB fosters incredible goodwill between our donors and numerous community and educational organizations.  In addition, the BYOB educates our local businesses on a sustainable practice for their office supplies, keeping reusable assets out of the landfills.

BYOB Impact 2014 

  • 350+ teachers, npo staff participated
    • 35,000 students, nonprofit beneficiaries served
  • $200,000 worth of supplies donned
    • Major Funding saved and reallocated to organizational programs

Attend a BYOB

To attend the BYOB - you just need to sign up as a NONPROFIT member 

You qualify if you are part of any educational, charitable, community, government or religious organization.

Events are posted on our website Calendar.

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