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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Exchange?

Answer:Our online "store" where nonprofit  organizations can acquire FREE & SERIOUSLY INEXPENSIVE items.

Q: How can I access the items?

Answer:You just Become a Member

Q: What kinds of items are in the Exchange?

Answer: 10 Categories:

  • Consumables
  • Electronics
  • FREE Office Supplies
  • Furniture
  • IT equipment
  • Lab instruments
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Phones/Systems
  • Resusables
  • Tools/tooling devices

Q: How does it work?

Answer: First come, first serve basis.  All items are available on an "As Is" basis. Please, no hoarding.

Q: Where do the items come from?

Answer: We work with local corporations to donate surplus assets back into the community.  Once the items are donated, they appear in the Exchange - online "store."

Q: What do the items costs?

Answer: Office supplies are FREE.  We charge a nominal Exchange fee for "hard" assets like furniture and electronics.

Q: How is transportation handled?

Answer: The Member is responsible to arrange for
transportation of items acquired from the Exchange.  Please see Transportation page.

Q: Can items be returned?

Answer: As these are donated items, they are offered “AS IS” non-returnable.

Q: Cannot find what you need?

Answer: Send us your wish list to info@sustainablesurplus.org. We will ping you with an email when it comes in. Write WISH LIST in the subject line.

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