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How The Exchange Works

Source Items Locally

Sustainable Surplus works with local companies to source items that you may never otherwise have access to. These items are listed on our online EXCHANGE - a web-based store.


In a perfect world , we wish everything could be free...but there are costs to support our efforts as well as to pay those institutions called "banks".

A small handling fee, the EXCHANGE fee, is charged for items like furniture, lab equipment, computers, etc. This cost represents a very small percentage of the actual value of the item. It includes a bank fee charged by the merchant bank for every online transaction.

How Do You Access the EXCHANGE?

1.  Sign up as a member

     Click here to pick your membership

2.  After 24-48 hours, you receive your Log-in and Password

3.  Sign in and start saving!

All transactions adhere to SSE's Terms & Conditions
Items are available As Is and Where Is.  No Refunds - unless item is broken beyond repair.

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