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Welcome to an incredible opportunity!

The Exchange provides goods and supplies to foster the missions of (y)our nonprofits, schools and start-up companies.

You Matter!

  • Teachers have extremely limited funds for office & school supplies
  • >  90% of the supplies budget comes out of their pocket
  • Funding for nonprofit organizations has dropped for 5 consecutive years
  • >  There are over 1.5 million nonprofits competing for funds
  • Entrepreneurial companies are the backbone of the US economy
  • >  Small businesses employ 57% of the country’s workforce

Types of Membership

Please decide which type of membership best describes your organization and click to join.


Who You Are: Any nonprofit organization with confirmed IRS status
Membership: FREE


Who:Any educational facility – charter, K-12, community college, university
Membership:        FREE

Start-Up Entrepreneurs

Who You Are: Start-up entrepreneur, small business
Membership: $25/year      
                              (For-profits pay a 20% premium on nonprofit Exchange Fees)

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