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Who We Are

A Public Benefit Organization

Sustainable Surplus Exchange is a 501(c)3 public benefit organization created to serve our community through a sustainable practice of reuse and repurposing.

SSE supports the environment by diverting corporate surplus and out-of-use items from landfills and redirecting them for use by the community, especially educational and charitable institutions. Surplus includes everything from office supplies and furniture to computers and laboratory equipment. Through this practice of reuse and repurposing, we reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of solid waste and conserve the natural resources required to extract, manufacture and transport new items. 

SSE was founded to provide an innovative, practical solution to redirect the unnecessary waste of business organizations into a sustainable practice, resulting in an environmental, equitable and economic impact on our community. Thus, our motto is:
                                   “We Turn Corporate Excess into Community Assets.”


Our Mission

To engage the community in environmental and economic sustainability by preventing needless waste from entering the landfills through repurposing still useful items for reuse.

Our Vision

Sustainable Surplus will build a bridge between commerce and the community to support environmental and economic sustainability. We will educate and create an awareness and understanding of the smart use of assets in order to protect our environment and conserve natural resources. Through the act of repurposing, we will divert excess waste going into our landfill. Our community will be enriched by the convergence of commerce and the community. 

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