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We feel it is important for our donors, members and potential donors to know how we are faring towards meeting our goals and objectives of sustainability and helping our community.

In just over two years, SSE has surpassed its goals of diverting still usable items from the landfills, while supporting hundreds of educators, thousands of students, and countries beneficiaries of nonprofits throughout our community. We have an astounding 95% Diversion Rate!!

LandfillWe keep usable assets out of the landfill!

Received & Repurposed
$500,000 of donated assets

180+ organizations
80% schools, 20 nonprofit organizations

Over 130,000 pounds from landfill:
~ Hundreds of cubicles
~ Oodles of office furniture
~ Thousands of 3-ring binders

20,000+ pounds of e-waste
21,000+ pounds of heavy metal materials

80+ companies in sustainable business practices

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