Bring-Your-Own-Box – BYOB Event

FREE Supplies For Teachers And Nonprofit Staff

This is SSE’s most popular event. BYOB is an event supporting teachers and nonprofit staff and constituents. On the day of the event, they are invited to bring an empty box to SSE’s warehouse and fill it with FREE office supplies. Supplies are usually pre-owned and are sourced from businesses throughout San Diego County. Students and volunteers sort the items onto tables and shelves, preparing them for redistribution at the BYOB. Items include paper, pens, 3-ring binders, staplers/staples, tape, folders, desk organizers et al—items teachers are usually paying for out-of-pocket.


BYOB is held six (6) times per year. The event is quiet during summer, followed by a large Back-to-School BYOB in August, which typically has the highest attendance, averaging 200 participants.


Benefits thousands of students, teachers and nonprofit staff
Provides, on average, $200 worth of free supplies
In 2016 – SSE donned $200,000 of free supplies through the BYOB program
Alleviates budget constraints and reallocates funding from supplies to programs