Employee Environmental Education Day


The Employee Environmental Education Day (E3 Day) program offers a platform for Sustainable Surplus to work directly with the sponsor’s staff to create a workshop designed to educate its employees on an aspect of environmental sustainability. E3 Day includes a workshop and an electronics-recycling event to enable employees to recycle their office and home electronic waste. The program is held at the sponsor’s facility. The sponsor’s team decides the subject matter of the program. Topic categories include:

ReUse & Recycling


Creating Environmental-Healthy & -Friendly Work Spaces

Green Building & LEED Standards

The workshops are implemented by industry leaders experienced in each relevant topic. The E-recycle is managed by an SSE recycling partner who will collect and process the electronic waste.


E3 Day is held once a year at the participating company and can be offered twice a day to assure the inclusion the majority of employees. Program is a one-hour workshop: 40 minutes of presentation with an additional 20 minutes of Q & A to promote attendee involvement. The electronics recycling takes place on the same day.


Educates employees in environmental sustainability

Exemplifies Corporate Social Responsibility

Builds a platform for change that can be adapted into the home environment

Creates stewards of the environment

MORE INFORMATION for your employees – contact sue@sustainablesurplus.org