We Invite You to Join Us!

We have events almost every month where you can give back and support your community!


BYOB Event
Held 6-8 times per year
At this event we invite teachers and nonprofit staff to come to our warehouse with an empty box and fill it with FREE office supplies. You get to help give away free stuff, make lots of people happy and carry boxes out to their car. This event is during the week in the afternoon 2:30 - 5:30 pm. Check calendar for details.

Sort & Separate Event
Held 2 times per month
At this event you help us sort and separate the oodles of office supplies that are donated each month. This project is preparation for the BYOB event. This event is during the week in the afternoon 3 - 5 pm. Check Calendar for details.

Special Warehouse Sales Event
Occurs on Fridays or Saturdays. Check calendar for details.

Click here for the public calendar.


Thank You!